Monday, October 19, 2009 long i never post in my blog..really busy lately..dat day i eat durian wit my cousin n my lil' niece..Wow!!She really enjoy the durian.we already eat 1.Then my sis open up 1 more because it was so lil.Not enough for 3 of us!!just said that u r greedy gal...when we open the other 1,there were durian in a durian!!so amazing!!

this is the durian dat we eat(^_^)

And then me n my brother went out to careefour to buy sum groceries..not too many thing that we buy..just sum of it..

Friday, October 9, 2009

~Friday Mood~

This is the 1st time i post out to my blog.Actually at dis moment,all of my colleague,also my bos,went out to The Curve for lunch *untill now still not back yet..haih.. So i doing all the bad thing when they out..Hahaha.. this is the best ever friday i never had*during working hour only,ok?? parent will come over dis weekend..I really miss them alreadysobsob.. I don't know what the planning for tomorrow,but it surely will be nice when all of my family is here..hurmm..i hope this weekend will be a long weekend..see u soon..