Thursday, December 15, 2011

::Rental Item::

Hi All,

Mayb some of u want to cut off ur budget wit buying all the thing by urself, but worn it once only. No worries. We will rent out some of things that we have to help u cutt it off :)

Please visit our neighbour blog, Hajaff-Couture for rental item,tailoring and a lot of things more ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twilight Fever!

Last Sunday I manage to spend my time to watch muvee wit my dear Mr.A. And he decide to watch Twilight. Me? I'm ok with it. The main reason I want to watch it was,

Yes! Just only about the wedding dress! I watch the muvee just for the wedding dress. Sound funny aite? A lot of rumors said that the wedding dress is so damn beautiful, make my heart jumping all around to see it myself! After I see it, what I could say is, it totally make my heart melts~

Can u see the back of the dress? It was so WOW! I am truly,deeply,falling in love with it! I wish I could have this for my wedding. Yes, it was too sexy for hijab girl like me to wear it. But we can change it aite?

See the how they adjust it to make Bella easy to move around. I am totally in it! Yes! Definitely! The material for this wedding dress is Crepe Silk and French Chantilly Lace. I use the same material for my E-Day dress. For Crepe Silk, you can get it at Jakel, Gulatis or any other places. The price is about RM70++/m, or more. Depends on the shop :) For French Chantilly Lace, it will cost you da bomb absolutely!

Try to survey the price first befor you buy. And make sure how many meters that you need for a dress. For my size, I would need 4 meters for this kind of design. How bout yours? :)

p.s Pic from Bridal Guide, courtesy from Summit Entertainment

Friday, December 2, 2011

::Freaking Friday::

Not 'Wordless Wednesday', but it was 'Freaking Friday'. Yes. It freaking me out. Hope I was strong enough~

Friday, November 25, 2011

For Groom To Be!

Hye guys! Mayb some of you will wearing suit for your special day, but da cost would be da bomb! Yes! I have tried ask at Gulatis, how much they charge for 1 suit, without shirt and vest. It cost about RM1200! Not cheap aite?

But now, you do not need to think the cost. Why? Coz Groupon have the best deal for you guys! Not believing? Check it here! Yes. You will save a lot with this voucher. As what I know, Burlington Tailor is one of the well know tailor for suit. They will give you the best with the best quality!
see, how neat the suit is*melting*

another type of suit that they have

With 55 years of experience, you can trust Mr.Wong, our Master Class tailor will tailor perfect suit for you. The best Bespoke Suits in Malaysia with the premium class material.
With their tailor made suits, you are ready to go with full of confidence. *ok.I copy n paste the phrase from their info.hehehe.
Mr. Wong, The Master Class tailor with 55 years of experience.

p.s You can check the material that they used for this promo in their fb page :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Maybe people will say my taste is from neolithic. But what I know, I love sumtin simple, pure, nude and natural. Yes! If you really know me, you will know what I love, what I want. To decide which MUA to take, was a long way to decide.

Maybe some people love to have thick make up to make them different. But for me, simple is the most important. Simple is intelligent. That is what I have learned before. I hate to have thick base makeup. I hate people colour my face till make me look different. Till other people can't recognize me at all. I just want people to see me like usual, but have the wow factor.

The most important MUA, is for JB reception. Why? Coz the reception will be held at night. And my Mr.A do not trust MUA from JB! Why again? Coz every time he attend his friend weddings, he will complaint all about the makeup -.-' I never find most fussy guy than him..

After long discussion and calculating on budget, we have decide to hire this MUA. Mr.A also agreed with this decision. Thanks Mr.A coz really made my dream come true ^.^ We will discuss again about the MUA after my wedding. Let see the teaser of his job :) Maybe some of you will know who is the MUA if you really do research for MUA :)

Yes. Simple, but have the wow factor for me. I have my own taste. People will talking about my taste. But usually when I start the thing 1st, people will follow mine. Now I am wondering, I am the one with no taste, or you are the one like to follow people idea?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lucky 1!

::We were engaged::

::I am 50% yours for 11 month::

::Another 6 month to go for another 50% to completed::

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

::Is it ruined?No,it's the beginning!::

Yesterday, my BFF is so down coz of the theme dat she want for her lil Fafi birthday have been taken by sum1 else.

Today, she is not happy coz of the scrapbook dat she have purchase got problems.

Now, ignore all the mess. Just think of happiness!

From the stripe tingy thing theme, I have ask her to change to Polka dot theme! Still colourful, but in round shape. Haha. We will do it better dear ;)

Polka dot Birthday Theme!

And from this tiny scrapbook thing, we will make it bigger by ourself! You can do it! Much more prettier than the one that you purchase!

pic courtesy*errr..stolen actually :p* from K.Shima :p

Friday, October 7, 2011

::Budget 2012::

Today PM announce budgeting for 2012. But I'm still in the office and the unifi limit me from doing anything -.-'

Just some of the thing that some of my friend mention in their twitter & fb.

Budget 2012
  • No more hospitalization charge for senior citizen (60 years ++)
  • Retirement will be at 60.
  • 50 more 1Malaysia clinic will be build.
  • No more school fee for primary & secondary school.
  • Government retirement will received increment 2% of pension yearly.
  • Increment of government sector pay within RM80-RM360 (by grade)
Last but not least,
  • 'My First House' Scheme is increase to RM400,000! (double up!)
I totally luv it!Coz most of the house price is exceeding RM250k! How the youngster can afford to buy?!

P.S. If you need the full list of the budget, please buy newspaper tomorrow :p

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Man vs Women??

Yes. I'm agree with it. As people know that women like to nag, guy like to act indifferently. But because of this difference, both is match together. Can you deny it?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Maaf entri saya seperti rojak. Sekejap menjadi melayu sejati, sekejap lupa identiti. Ikut pada situasi. Hehe.

Sejak semalam masih menunggu di bilik menunggu. Adakah murah seperti disangka? Dari RM0.00,setelah campur, tolak, bahagi, darab, memang jimat. Bagi tiket bermula dengan RM10.00, masih lagi jimat 50%. Inilah yang dikatakan strategi berniaga, bukan?

Sudah tempah tiket untuk bulan madu tahun hadapan. Bolehkah saya pulang menaiki kapal terbang ke JB setiap bulan selepas berkahwin nanti, enchik thunang? Memandangkan tempat duduk percuma masih banyak? Hehehe.

Bagi yang belum merancang untuk bercuti atau beli tiket ke destinasi bulan madu, sila buat demikian sekarang. Siapa lambat, dia yang rugi. Hehe.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bunga Telur In Da Making!

Still remember the bunga telur that I review last entry? If not, u can click here. Actually 1 of my aunty keep on asking to do bunga telur for my wedding. And I know that she really talented to do this kind of art. hehe.

Last 2 week, during Raya, I go and visit her at her house. Also bring all the material that need used to do the bunga telur and also the sample of bunga telur that I buy from a vendor. I pass all the thing to her. And she promised to made the sample for me to take a look 1st.

And last week, I came back to home town for my another aunty wedding, my aunty which insist to DIY the bunga telur for me also attend the same wedding. So, she bring the sample of bunga telur that she did last week. When she show me the sample, wallah! I'm so impressed. I manage to get the bunga telur that I want wit the lower cost!

Thanks to beloved family that helping me with all of the chaos of the wedding thingy thing. I almost be a bridezilla!

p.s : I will show u the bunga telur when I review for my wedding preparation later ;p

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

::Worldless Wednesday::

Not much to say in this 1 month;

Having birthday breakfast with bestie

Received birthday flower & chocs on birthday

and miss him..haven't meet him more than 1 month..haishh~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Already more than 2 years. But never have chance to celebrate with him. Just because my birthday fall during Ramadhan, month that he being so busy. I don't need any present. Just a wish and time to gather.But, just throw out your hope far far away dear. It wont be real at all as you hope -.-' But luckly still have my other soulmate to celebrate with. Thanks dear coz celebrate with me every year. And this year, my 1st celebration with my beloved god-daughter, Cahaya. What a pleasent! They already bright my day :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rabu tak terkata~

Rabu tanpa kata-kata.
*tapi tetap mahu berkata-kata -_-' *

Mahu Apam Polka Dot @ Apam Dot Dot yang comel ini? Kakak saya pandai kalau bab-bab makan ini. Nampak sedap dan menarik bukan? Sebiji hanya RM0.30. Sangat berpatutan ok? Jika mahu tempah, sila email pada saya ya? Tinggalkan komen juga boleh ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bulan+Madu=Detik Indah!

Private post! Eh?Tidak. Sebenarnya mengidam private suite untuk honeymoon belum kahwin sudah mengidam.HAHA. Kenapa tiba2 saya berbicara tentang honeymoon sedangkan tarikh kahwin masih jauh di sana? Ini kerana Detik Indah Wedding Photography bermurah hati untuk memberikan Post Wedding bernilai RM1500! Tak percaya? Klik sahaja gambar di bawah :p

Sudah klik dan baca?Pasti anda semua mahukannya, bukan? seperti hati saya yang sedang berbunga2 untuk mendapat hadiah sebegini.hehehe. Siapa tidak mahu ambil peluang yang tersedia depan mata bukan?

Ok. Hentikan kemerepekan saya sebentar tadi. Bila bercakap tentang honeymoon atau bahasa ibundanya berbulan madu bukan bermadu ya?itu adalah pahit+kelat. Pasti banyak tempat terlintas di fikiran. Tetapi saya perlukan tempat yang damai,di samping tidak ramai orang. Kenapa? Nama pun bulan madu berdua, kenapa perlu tempat yang sesak? Jadi, saya memilih Japamala Resortsebagai destinasi bulan madu saya!

Kenapa saya memilih Japamala Resort,Tioman, bukan Bali, Phuket atau selainnya?Pantai di Malaysia tidak kurang cantik dan lebih selamat kerana tiada ombak besar bukan? padahal saya tidak pandai berenang,HAHA. Japamala Resort mempunyai 13 tempat penginapan sahaja. Jadi, siapa cepat, dia yang bertuah!hehe. Setiap satunya mempunyai kolam renang persendirian bukan sebesar Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam itu ya? -.-' Pilih saja mahu menghadap laut atau merasai ketenangan di hutan. Pasti Japamala mampu sediakan. Jika mahu makan malam romantik disinari cahaya bulan dan juga lilin seperti honeymoon k.ya ampun k.ya :p , bak kata orang putih, candlelight dinner, Mandi Mandi Restaurant di Japamala Resort mampu memenuhi impian anda :) Dengan pasir putih, laut membiru, kicau burung, pasti terlena di buai mimpi. Lebih2 lagi ditemani orang tersayang ecehhhh. Lebih bagus jika ada yang bermurah hati merakamkan detik-detik indah kita di sini bukan ;p

Tak pernah lihat Japamala Resort, Tioman yang cantik? mari lihat gambar ini. Scroll down please;

Salah sebuah penginapan yang disediakan di sini
Gambar dari Japamala Resort :)

Boleh makan di luar chalet juga :)
Gambar dari Japamala Resort :)

Makan malam romantik di Mandi Mandi Restaurant :)
Gambar dari Japamala Resort :)

Laut yang membiru..Jatuh chentaaa.Lagi2 bila photographer boleh tangkapkan gambar :p
Gambar dari Japamala Resort :)

Saya sudah bilang,ada Private pool di setiap bilik :))
Gambar dari enchik Google :p

Sudah. Cukup dengan gambar. Pergi bercuti di sana dulu, baru tahu keseronokan yang ditawarkan Japamala!

Macam2 gambar boleh dapat jika berada di Japamala Resort kan? Bila tengok balik semua gambar dari photographer2 di Malaysia ini, berbagai pose sudah terbayang di minda. Contohnya? Scroll down lg ye? hehehhee..

Gambar bebayang pun sangat romantis ok? :p
Gambar credit pada Shutterspeak ya :)

Gambar waktu malam berdua,lagi2 bila diterangi cahaya lilin kalau di meja makan pun bagus :p
Gambar dari Detik Indah!
Mahu gambar waktu pagi bersiar2 begini buleh en.photog? :p
Gambar Detik Indah memang superb! :D

Mahu gambar begini juga,boleh?Semua nak berdua :p
Gambar credit pada Ahmad Fairus Photography ya :)

Cantik bukan? Saya yakin Detik Indah mampu beri yang lebih baik dari gambar2 rujukan di atas. Kerana saya sangat suka dengan hasil kreativiti mereka. Hanya yang terbaik mampu hasilkan karya terbaik bukan? Tidak perlu mengomel panjang jika sepatah ayat mampu mengungkap segalanya :) Dengan adanya Detik Indah semasa bulan madu saya nanti, tentunya saya boleh bawa pulang gambar kenangan yang berkualiti. Bukan gambar semberono dari photographer tidak bertauliah yang sentiasa di samping saya :p maap ye enchik thunang?

Sila like mereka di facebook page mereka dan layari website Detik Indah Wedding Photography untuk mengenali mereka dengan lebih dekat. Jangan risau, mereka sangat ramah :)

*p.s. Post ini sempena Your Dream Post Wedding Contest. Maaf jika berterabur sebab tak pernah masuk contest.HAHA. Entri paling banyak gambar setakat ini -.-'

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cili Merah Meletup!

Pernah tak anda semua berangan nak jadi artis?Atau berangan macam artis?Eh?Abaikan ayat tadi.HAHA. Khamis lepas, masa tengah nak keluar lunch, baca dulu FB wall. Tiba-tiba, ternampak cili merah yang sungguh menggiurkan iye ke? Tak lain dan tak bukan, CST Production! Mesti semua dah kenal dengan diorang kn? Sila tepuk dahi kalau kata tidak >.<

ini la cili merah tu.hehe.

Dengan Notes yang sungguh menarik. Rasa nak pengsan jap >.< Terus call encik thunang bagi tahu tentang Notes itu sebab die sangat2 mengidam untuk ambil pakej dari mereka. Mula2 encik thunang suruh saya call. Tapi saya kata nak keluar lunch padahal line dah kena barred.haha.padan muke saye. Then die kate ok,die call. Saye dengan senang hati keluar lunch.

Dalam half hour camtu, encik thunang call balik dengan pesanan penajanya,"Anan dah call CST untuk prebooking tu.Esok pegi PICC untuk confirm balik.75x Anan call nak dapatkan pre-book ni. Pegi tau?" Erk?!Ayat macam arahan je? Ok2.saye pegi -.-'

Esoknye lepas kerja, terus pergi PICC untuk tanya package and confirmation. Sampai je PICC, sungguh lengang. Dalam hati bkate2, ade pameran ke kat sini?Haha. Sangat jahat okeh? Tak pe, baru 1st day. Dan waktu bekerja. Jadi, tak ramai orang :p

Masuk je dewan tu, terus tuju CST punya booth. Sangat fokus okay! Tak toleh tempat lain dah! Terus cari tempat duduk dan tunggu warga CST layan. Akhirnya yang layan saya, En.Rosli, bos CST sendiri. Hehehe. Sangat ramah okay? Bincang dengan en.Rosli, at the same time bincang dengan encik thunang thru phone. Eh? Sangat multi tasking nye saya ni.huhuhu. Lepas dapat persetujuan dengan harga, terus confirm booking. Esoknya terus bank in 30% deposit. Sangat suka okay! Sebab berjaya dapat harga runtuh dari CST Production!

Nak tengok hasilnya? Kita tunggu tahun depan ye? Hikhikhik.

p.s Bak kata encik thunang, bolehla berangan jadi artis masa kahwin nanti. Apekah? -.-'

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

It was Wednesday. Wordless Wednesday, Speechless too.

Too busy with works made my day turns up and down.

I really miss dis uncle badly :(((

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Newly Wed!

Yesterday is my friend wedding. So sorry Mrs. Arien Anoar coz not attending ur wedding. Really hope to see u in da dress :( Y? Coz my mum tailor the dress for her. Really happy coz my mum is very talented in doing all this kind of thing. I will design, she will make it. Some of my friend noe my passion i this. So I will share it with them. Thanks Arien coz trust us to be 1 from ur wedding list :))

Mrs.Arien Solemnization Dress

This is the dress. Still in the making. It was simple, coz she want to wear it again to another function. The veil also still in the making. Hopefully will get the photo from her OP and will update again later :)

Will attend ur bertandang reception dis weekend, Mrs.Arien :D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tentang dia?Tidak.Tentang Saya~

Bila hati berbunga riang, pasti ada yang mengganggu. Saya tidak minta yang bukan2, cuma sedikit masa untuk saya. Ya, saya tidak pernah meraikan hari lahir atau apa saja dengan orang2 kesayangan saya. Apa yang saya lakukan pada hari-hari penting saya sendirian? Sama ada saya keluar berseorangan sambil makan sepotong kek di cafe, atau menyambut bersama kawan baik saya, atau hanya mengurungkan diri di dalam bilik. Hanya pernah menyambut hari lahir saya bersama rakan sekerja sebab kami sering meraikan hari lahir staff setiap bulan.

Seperti yg bos saya pernah kata, hidup awak membosankan dengan rutin pergi kerja, balik rumah tanpa hiburan. Itu memang life saya sejak kecil. Boleh dibilang dengan jari siapa rakan baik saya. Boleh tahu siapa yang betul2 kenal saya. Sudah terbiasa independant. Segalanya sendiri. Itu adalah satu daripaada sikap saya.

Keras kepala? Ya. Jika saya kata 1, ianya mesti 1. Bukan 2, bukan 3. Bukan suka memerintah, tetapi saya sudah penat mengikut arahan orang. Bila saya memikirkan tentang orang lain, saya makan hati. Jadi, saya tidak kira jika orang lain sakit hati dengan saya, asalkan saya puas hati dengan apa yang saya mahukan. Kita tidak boleh puaskan hati orang lain jika kita sendiri menyakiti diri sendiri.

Paling penting, saya sayang family saya. Saya lakukan apa saja untuk mereka. Saya bekerja untuk mereka, bukan untuk diri saya. Saya puas dengan kesenangan yang family saya telah berikan kepada saya dulu. Biar saya balas jasa mereka. Mereka berhak untuk segalanya.

Hanya di sini saya mampu meluahkan rasa kecewa, gembira, sedih & segalanya. Tiada siapa saya mampu kongsi rasa hati. Being independent is the biggest challenge in your life.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool???

Ini bukan April Fool.Ini betul2.Bile ape yg saye idamkn selama ini menjelma di depan mata, tiba2 ianya lesap sekelip mata saye bukan main2,ini betul2.

Dulu bila kecik2 saya selalu tbayang untuk hidup dari luar kawasan. Mahu menjelajah tempat orang, pelajari cara hidup orang lain. Sambil bekerja, sambil bercuti. Itu pendapat saya. Untuk belajar di luar negara, mungkin tidak pada saya kerana asas kewangan yang tidak kukuh. Untuk mencari kerja di negara orang, juga susah kerana berlainan bahasa. Jika tidak saya, mungkin boleh mengikut ahli keluarga yang berpeluang ke sana.

Apabila mendapat tawaran kerja di luar semenanjung, keluarga menghalang. Alasan, jika sudah bkahwin, susah untuk pulang jika duduk berjauhan antara satu sama lain. Apakah? Jika orang lain mampu harungi cabaran itu demi kesenangan masa hadapan, kenapa tidak saya? Tapi bila orang dpat peluang itu, kenapa tidak digunakan sebaik mungkin? Mungkin ia tidak bermakna bagi mereka. Adakah mereka tahu ianya amat bermakna bagi saya? Kerana sekian lama saya menunggu, akhirnya ia hilang terbang entah ke mana. Sudah. Ini bukan peluang kau. Ini peluang orang lain. Biar die yang tentukan perjalanan hidup dia.

Saya tahu, sampai bila2 impian saya tidak akan tercapai. Ok. Teruskan bmimpi di siang hari. Sperti kata orang lama2, takkan bulan jatuh ke riba. eh?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Takziah kepada family Mr.A di atas pemergian nenda@patti pada pukul 4 petang tadi. Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan urusan-Nya. Dan saya tidak sempat untuk bjumpa patti untuk kesekian kalinya :(

Monday, March 21, 2011

Permulaan Isnin~

Bila saya diam, tak semestinya saya membenarkan apa saja orang kata. Bila saya menjawab, orang kata saya kurang ajar. Walaupun berpangkat besar dari saya, tak semestinya segala yang dia buat adalah betul dan apa saya buat adalah salah. Saya adalah manusia biasa yang sering melakukan kesalahan. Dan tak semestinya segalanya adalah salah.

Susah untuk kita puaskan hati orang lain. Tapi bila kita ikut cara mereka, makin banyak kesilapan yang kita lakukan. Jadi, adakah saya yang bersalah atau orang tersebut yang bersalah? Degil saya bertempat. Bukan degil tidak bertempat. Saya cuba puaskan hati semua, tapi saya minta maaf sekiranya masih ada yang tersinggung dengan sikap saya.

Entry ini bukan untuk mengata sesiapa. Tapi saya meluahkan apa yang saya rasa. Kalau tak suka, sila jangan buka belog saya. Saya tak berniat jahat. Ada aku kesah?

*p.s Siapa mahu pergi wedding Anan & Elin di S.Alam pula?bukan Mr.A saya yg bkahwin ya? Sila angkat mouse anda!Saya mahu ikuttt~*

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Newly Wed!

*Pic Credit to Nita-curi dr fb u dear*

Maaf Pn.Nita kerana saya mengambil gambar awk tnp btanya. Saya tiada gambar pengantin b2 kerana kebizian mencari tempat duduk & merasa makanan bersama Mr.A. maafkan sikap buruk lantak kami-.-' Mr.A kata dia ada syer dengan syarikat katering itu kerana ada nama die shame2 la awk ni-.-'

Ok. Jangan amik takhta Raja & Ratu Sehari di sini. Ini adalah kawan saya semasa bersekolah di RPS dulu. Si cantik manis, saye doakan kalian berdua bahagia hingga akhir hayat. En.Anan Adli, sile jgn buli Pn. sebenarnya nk pggl cik td:p Redzlin Hasyim. Kamu memang secocok bersama. Aduhhhh! :p

Tapi, saya mmg adore dgn wedding kamu b2. Sggh comel & sggh sweet. Kalaulah konsep wedding saye boleh ditukar, alangkah bagusnya =.=' Jika ada siapa2 ada idea untuk mengdeco wedding sndr,bolehlah mintak tips dr Pn.Elin ye? Kalau Pn.Elin rase rajin untuk DIY lg,bolehlah DIY untuk wedding saye nnt ye? Tehehehe. Nanti saye blanje makan di Pasar Stadium S.Alam :p saye sedang berjimat cermat untuk persiapan kahwin,bukan kedekut :p

Sekali lagi, Selamat Pengantin Baru! Sile tambah Anan Jr & Elin Jr cepat2!HAHA sile abaikan sikap kurang sopan saye ini ^.^'

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Gift~

Having sore throat+flu+fever, is the best complete package dat I nvr hv! For 2 week! Its stop me from doing my job. Mayb u will ask y I need my voice if I only do accounts & admin,aite? Coz my job scope include calling people on behalf of client. Means, I need to call about 20+ pax per day. And wit voice like dis, its gonna difficult to me to talk I noe my voice is almost da same wit Ramli Sarip,as said by Mr.A -.-'

Back to main topic. Last 2 weeks I went to Hari Kraf Kebangsaan at Jalan Conlay, KL. I manage to find wat I have searching b4. Wanna noe wat is it?

Source : Will reveal later ^^

It was Bunga Pahar in Songket! Finally, I manage to find the thing dat I want. I already ask from lot of this type of Bunga Pahar maker for the price. It was too costly for me. Finally, I manage to find this company that can give the best price, and within our budget \(^^)/

They were 1 of the big name in the industry. And the PR is so good It was the most important aspect if u want to sell ur product ya? Even we just come to ask, she entertain us like a friend, not like others when u ask,they will ask u to check the price at the price tag.WTH?

After discuss wit Mr.A, we hv decide to choose this company for our vendor for bunga pahar and VIP door gift. And we will consider songket box for 1 of the VIP door gift. Alhamdulillah~

Source : will reveal soon ^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yes. I'm totally disappointed. I really need sum1 to hear my heart crying. I need sum1 to heal my pain. Can sum1 lend me their shoulder?

Really frustrated wit all the ongoing things. Should I close the book or not?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning~

Nothing to do tonite. Need to clear my mail. B4 clearing, it was 4482 mails. Now, 2464 mails to go. To those sent email to me, I will reply as many I can.

You can do it girl -.-'

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do I care?!

Yesterday I have a long chat wit my mum while waiting my brother finish his class. For 3 days I haven't call her, a lot of thing that we missed out almost 2 hour on phone,ko rase hp ko meletop x?HAHA

She said 1 of my cousin came to our house for lunch and visit. After a few conversation, they start to talk about my E-Day. He said most of his family give a bad review for my e-day. They said that there were nothing given during my e-day, only the food. WTH?! Do u need to judge all the thing I done for my day? This is what both family agree, simple E-Day. Not waste all the money for it.

I know I done my dais by myself i have dais and u not.Bluekkk , sew my own dress till every1 adore my dress, decorate my hantaran by myself still have than nothing. But did I use ur money to do all the thing? No aite? I still do it by my own money than u which not using ur own money to get married. I know dis statement will disgrace some of the people sape makan cili die la yg rase pedas but this need to be said. Don't judge the book by it cover. Even thought we have money, do we need to waste it for sumtin dat not necessary? Having an E-day such a waste for me. But I need to do it as tradition. I just want a simple E-Day and it turns well as I want but not for pic..sob2.. U said dat I only gv food to Mr.A side, but y u still gv food to me. Y don't u gv me a bag, shoes and etc. ? Am I wrong?

And my mom did say that only my father side give us help than her side. And u know wat they answer us back? Usually the men side will help,not the women side. And I start to curse in my heart. Do my mom said like dat when u ask for her help for ur day? My mom willing to take bus coz dat time she still dun hv license to drive herself to ur place, which is damn far. Stay there for couple of day, leave us alone independently and trust that we can take care of ourself just to HELP u out?!

This is y i hate to deal wit my own family. I know u r my family. But do respect us because we do respect u no matter how. Even my granny not allowed us to attend ur wedding, we still disobey her because u still our family. After u done dat to us, our respect is decreasing every single hour.. Mayb people will say dat I'm to rough, but this is me. And I hate when people step on me when I'm too soft.

My family is everything for me. Don't u ever talk bad about them behind. I will do anything for them.

As I put my title, DO I CARE?!

Friday, January 21, 2011


It's hard to decide which photographer I need to hire during my wedding. So many of them till your eyes drooling when u see all their artwork..HAHA.Just kidding~

Ok. I have shortlist some of it and need sum time to decide which one dat I choose. Not talk much, come take a look on the choosen one ;p

Mukhriz Latif & Udey Ismail Photography

They were 1 of the best photographer in Malaysia. Have u seen their artwork? Come have a fast through their artwork.

*pic credit to Udey Ismail* *see how he capture sis Nawal?She look so gorgeous* p/s:if u want to rent her wedding attire,go to her blog here ;p

*pic credit again to Udey Ismail*

*pic credit to Mukhriz Latif *

*they also taken pic for Elyana ^.^ *

All the pic dat their taken is so fabulous..Hope I can hire them for my wedding..sighh~

Next I want to review is Ministry of Moment. Have u heard of them b4? Mayb not, but if u hv seen Umie Aida wedding picture, MOM is their OP! Let see their pic below ;p

And now,they having PROMO! Go and check at their website ^.^

I'm puzzled to choose which photographer I should hire.. If u have any suggestion, please let me know *.~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Songket or Songket+Lace??

I'm so confused rite now! A lot of theme they give me. Finally, I decide to choose Traditional theme! Weehuuuuu~

Now, I have to decide the reception outfit..I decide to choose songket or songket wit lace. But my head is empty wit idea Gosh! Lets through out sum ideas dat i have found from my research aicehh!

1st Choice :

*design credit to Syomir Izwa*

I really fall in luv wit all of his design! Simple yet elegant! That the only word I can describe his design. If I could have him for my wedding wear, I will jump high to mars!haha..See the simple modern kurung pahang,made from songket bunga tabur was so simple but look modern!

2nd choice :

*design from Jovian Mandagie*
*photo by Ministry of Moment*

Beautiful is it? I totally in luv wit the outfit..It totally amazing! If I can have 1 for my wedding..I'm totally speechless when see it..haha dream on big girl!

3rd choice :
*Pic form Moose blog*

The design is quite simple and still use songket as the main material. See the mermaid skirt? I luv it ^.^

4th choice & last but not least :
*pic credit to Peveyhack Photography*

Just because i dunno wat to wear, can I wear like k.Nawal only? Easy to wear & no need to think like heck.HAHA.

Will update u back when i have more idea~