Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hunting Mission!!!!

Today is lil bit bz day for me..Daniel hunting me for financial thing, Li Ming hunting me for admin thing, and Audris hunting me for 'other' thing dun ask me what is 'other' -_-' ok..i know i should not MC for 2 day ^_^'

Ok..Back to the main header hahaha 4 more day to see my dearie Mr. A miss u sooo much la\(^_^)/ He called me when he noticed I'm not on9 my FB during working hour, ask me y i'm not on9 i'm super duper bz -.-' Then I 'm on9 and chat a few time coz the internet connection is jealous wit us..huhuhuuu

Suddenly he said;

Mr. A : syg.. nnt awin dtg jb kite g bli cincin ye?

Me : huh??cukup k duit?? *nganga jap*

Mr. A : hahahaaaa..dh kumpul dh..ngeeee

Me : Ok nk lompat tinggi2 bley x?hahaha..gedix x igt~

Yeay!!the most important thing is almost in the hand I luv u so much la\(^_^)/ Really can't wait to see u already..hehehe

Hunting + spend-the-money day, wait for us \(^_^)/

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding : Budget or Luxurious??

This month so-called 'mengawan season' juz bcoz so many wedding will be held this school holiday..haha I got so many invi to be attend. so sorry for those hv invited me but can't attend it, due to some reason -.-'

Talk bout wedding, did we need to spend more than we can afford? as u know bridezilla to be will hv a lot in her wishlist same go to me..hahaha Actually, its ok to spend as much as u can on ur wedding coz its once in a lifetime aite?? Everything must b perfect on the wedding day. It was dream to be true dat time.

Most of the wedding that I hv been b4 is so damn joyful a.k.a luxurious!! Sum of it married when studying ade duit sndr ke time tu?? Its good to get married early kurang la dosa korg buat time tu..hahaha But it must be affordable..

Some brides sponsored 100% by their parents. Some of it being sponsored 50-50%, 60-40%, 40-60% mcm beli syer la plak..hahahaa Me??Of course sponsored myself la!! kau igt mama dgn abah nk sponser ko kawen k??hahaha jgn nk berangan k?? Mama always said, it was worth when we do it by ourself, not depends on other people. Just like my luvly sis and heartful bro, k.yin & abg. kal.. They use their own money for their wedding..I'm so proud with them..never ask for other people money.. 100% pay by themself gv million claps to them :p

Sumtimes I wonder y so mny people did not agree wit me to do my wedding by my own money..Is it wrong?? It was my own wedding and I want to have my dream wedding to be skali seumur idup la But I need to sacrifies a lot if I want it to be as I dream no shopping, no trip, nothing k??

But I am bored when all my family members keep on pushing me to get married soon i oso want!!sggh gedix ko~ I wanna get married soon oso, but my financial said NO, ok??It was a lot to be prepared.. E-day also need to spend a lot of money hope I can skip the E-day and straight to the W-day -_-'

Mr.A and me hv our own responsibilities. We will get married when the time is come,k?? That day I calculated the budget for W-day. Budget for doorgift already RM3k++.. Not included the catering should b RM10K++ dais RM1k++ solemnization and reception attire RM1k++ and so many thing! Surely got heart attack when see all the budget @_@ To those who ask me to married early, it was not so easy to be done. Sponsored please!! Aite Mr.A?? hahahaha