Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh No!

Arghhhh!C da sticker post at the right side made me totally stress enough! I week more but i never back to hometown to c da preparation at all!

Ok..take a look back the E-Day Checklist.

1. Catering cater for 200 ppls Ticked
2. Hantaran box+flower+ribbon Ticked
3. Homestay got at Kamunting Ticked
4. Dress still haven't done yet -.-'
5. House Cleaning in progress
6. Dry food buy all Ticked
7. Carpet buy@not?
8. Invitation invite all Ticked
9. Make Up booked and deposit paid..hehehe Ticked
10. Canopy DIY ourself..tehehe Ticked
11. Mini Dais not done yet..will do on 31st..hehe

Great..Still not cross most the up 1, I add more at the below -.-' Really screw out the mood now..hhuhu..

Hope it gonna finish soon~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

E-Day Checklist

1. Catering cater for 200 ppls Ticked
2. Hantaran box+flower+ribbon Ticked
3. Homestay got at Kamunting Ticked
4. Dress material bought,not finished yet
5. House Cleaning in progress
6. Dry food buy all Ticked
7. Carpet not buy yet
8. Invitation invite all Ticked
9. Make Up booked,not paid deposit yet
10. Canopy DIY ourself..tehehe Ticked

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This month is wedding month coz most of the people married in this month And I received a lot of invitation for attending their wedding which I duno which 1 I need to go..huhuhu

And when dis season came, my mom will said this all over the time

Mom: U always go to ur fren wedding.U think they will remember it and attend ur wedding?
Me: I don't care what they think or remember bout me. I attend coz they were my fren and I apologize if I can't attend some of it. I appreciate them as my fren, so dats y I came to the ceremony.I f they think I'm their fren, they will came to mine. Up to them.

This is the same question dat my mom will ask me every year. As I said, I know who is my fren and who is my enemy. Fren will always there for me, enemy will far away for me. Thanks for those who really be a fren of mine. I luv u all ^.^

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Am I wrong??

Frustrated!dat the only thing I can say..I have booked for her service 3 months earlier from the actual date..but just another 1 month to go, she said she forget bout me, n clash wit other booked. What can I say more? 1st thing I ask, is she have any job on dat day? She said, NO. The schedule is still empty mean am I the 1 who wrong or what?! Thinking to scold people, but can't coz she is my fren since childhood.

On the spot I search other people to replace her..Thanks to K.Ina coz manage to help me for the event. Eventhough she ask me to take from others because she said her touch is so simple but ur price is so affordable ^o^ Will see you soon for further discussion ^.^

To all people who handle service to client, please buy a planner and save the date which you have promised. And not troblesome other people.Thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam AidilAdha

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha
buat semua muslimin & muslimat

*Sob2..sad sbb x dpt raye dgn family..uhuhuhu

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Complete Ur Life~

Love is unpredictable
Love will fade away
if you dont know how to take care of it

Not all the journey of love will shine all the way..sumtime the storm drop by when it was gloomy.. just need each other to tolenrate and drive it shine all over again..

Nota Cinta - Episod 1

Nota Cinta - Episod 2

Nota Cinta - Episod 3

Dont let the colours fade away and sprinkle the happiness as long as you can..Turn back to make it shine..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Chapter~

Alhamdulillah..Langkah pertama dah selesai..Tunggu langkah ke-2 plak..ehehe..

Mr.A gerak dr JB dgn mummy nek bas kol 10pm, 6/11 tu..aku lak bley sedap membute dgn adk aku kat living hall..penat pny pasal..Kul 5.30am mama dh kejot soh bgn..huhu..mate x bley bukak la mama~ Kul 6am diorg dh smp Penang..

Aku meneruskn aktiviti mengemas umah..huhu.. xsiap2 okeh?? kol 8am mama nk g pasar..tny nk msk ape tau lak aku nk msk ape kn??makan aku tau la.. Kol 8.30am die bley text,kate nk gerak dh dr Penang OMG!!aku x mandi lg ok??mama pon x blk dr pasar lg*tepok dahi* Dgn sepantas kilat siapkn sgl pinggan mangkuk, ape yg nk dihidang..huhu sggh kelam kabut mase tu..Call mama bg tau,mama trs menjerit.Siap soh dtg lewat sket..

Me : Mama kate dtg lmbt sket..blm blk pasar lg..makcik pon x smp lg..

Mr.A : Smue dh siap2 nk gerak..

*call mama blk.

Me : Mama,die kate smue dh siap2 nk gerak..

Mama : isy..nape la dpt bakal menantu degil camni..soh gerak lmbt,nk gak dtg awl2..

Me : Mak mertua degil..dpt menantu pon degil gak..*terang2 aku cakap dpn mama..haha*

ok2..sambung blk..mama blk je,pening pale nk masak lak..pastu tgh kecoh nk masak, bley lak die kol kate dh smp tepen..aduh..tekanan!! aku bley reply blk smbl marah, "ckp la betul2!" die reply, "betul la ni..xkn nk main2"..dan2 aku bg msg kate x bley dtg lg..hehehe..mama yg srh ok??? last die kate nk pusing2 tepen dlu..bgs2..g pusing lame2 sket..

Dh siap msk 2 lauk,tetibe die call, kate dh nk dtg..huhu..sggh degil la org makcik, kate baru smp kuale..huhu..last2,call blk..kate bley dtg.huhu..Sggh kucar kacir keadaan ketika itu..dapur dh mcm perang dunia kedua perang dunia pon x terok camtu kot? Smp mummy masok umah pon,x sempat nk g salam k?? menandakan daku sggh bz memasak..haha..Smp la makcik aku smp,baru smpt nk g salam..huhu..

Pastu aku ignore j la ape yg diorg bincang kat depan tuh..wat bodo sudah..giler weh..mau biol aku dwatnye nk bkejar ke dpn n blakang..huhuhu..naseb baek la farah ade..ade gak la yg nk tolong aku hidang smue makanan aku tuh..lps abes hidang je,makcik aku dtg dekat n teros je sarong cincin risik kat jari aku..sggh cepat n pantas..hahaha.. bley kalah ERT tau?? Time tu aku senyum je la..te he he..

Pihak Mr.A bawak cincin,kain,buah n kek..hehehe kenyang dgn mkn j arituh..fuhh~ Kitorg lak balas dgn beg penoh dgn mknn n segala jenis kuih..eheheh.. x tsedak diorg nk mkn??hahah..

Okeh pakcik..saye janji jd budak baek lps ni ye?? 1/3 of me have been urs..Luv u ;))

*p.s : jgn lupe epal saye ye??lame dh saye tgg die masak ranum..x gugur2 gak..dh 3x die bbuah baru..huhuh..smue dh tukar pki buah epal nih..sadisss~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mane Awak??!!!

Mr.A!!! Mane awak pegi hah??!! Suke dump saye ujung2 minggu tau -_-

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Woot Woot!!

2 month and 9 days more~ Counting and counting..huhuhu

This is the official invitation..Please do come over if u free ;)

Do not hesitate to ask ;p

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wake Up!!

Wake Up!!!I've been to sleepy and tired after back from Hong Kong and Shenzhen even it aldy past 1 week..hahaha~ still dun have mood to write up bout the trip..just give you the sneak preview 1st :p

night view of Hong Kong

Ok..wait till the next entry....Daaaaa~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Year Bebeh!!

Erk..updated after 2 month pemalas -.-' hahahaha

Happy Belated Anniversary Mr.A ;p coz dis entry was late b written out..ngeeeee

Few days b4 the day, I having my daily web browsing, searching for the perfect gift to gift to him or in other way is SURPRISE!!gagagagaga I keep on searching the things which can afford my budget coz it was almost end of the month -.-' I want them to send it to him on dat day. So I find the website dat provide delivery at Johor. After 1 day survey on the net, I found dis


Hahahaha..I know it was ridiculous. A girl send flower n choc to a boy??? People will say it was nonsense, but I like to do it who care 4 wat other people will think aite?? I know he is not a romantic person, so y i need to wait for him to do the surprise?hahahaa sorry dear.ngate sket j ^.^'

I know dat dis thing will make a big huha at his office. He always said dat he is popular. Just add some glamour element to it..hahahaha sorry dear ;p And as expected, please see below :p

Anan dapat Bunga!!!
Source from FB

The first sms I get from him : Bg bunge ek???tq... i know he is shock!!!

2nd SMS : Kecoh oooo satu opis anan dpt bunga!!!!!! hahahaha GOTCHA!!

That is special to u..hehehe..Dat nite he text me again n said thanks for the gift n wait for 4th of August. Sumtin special for me dat day which make me questioning,dreaming and counting the day i hate surprise which need to wait -.-'

Da day is dat I met him to watch Cuci The Musical 2 together. He knock my car mirror and open the car door. He gave me a bag and say, 'Happy Anniversary'. I opened the box and;

It was a watch!!! I really need a watch as my ex-watch was lost during my BFF wedding. Tq dear for the gift!!!Really appreciate it..Luv u so much lah \(^_^)/

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hunting Mission!!!!

Today is lil bit bz day for me..Daniel hunting me for financial thing, Li Ming hunting me for admin thing, and Audris hunting me for 'other' thing dun ask me what is 'other' -_-' ok..i know i should not MC for 2 day ^_^'

Ok..Back to the main header hahaha 4 more day to see my dearie Mr. A miss u sooo much la\(^_^)/ He called me when he noticed I'm not on9 my FB during working hour, ask me y i'm not on9 i'm super duper bz -.-' Then I 'm on9 and chat a few time coz the internet connection is jealous wit us..huhuhuuu

Suddenly he said;

Mr. A : syg.. nnt awin dtg jb kite g bli cincin ye?

Me : huh??cukup k duit?? *nganga jap*

Mr. A : hahahaaaa..dh kumpul dh..ngeeee

Me : Ok nk lompat tinggi2 bley x?hahaha..gedix x igt~

Yeay!!the most important thing is almost in the hand I luv u so much la\(^_^)/ Really can't wait to see u already..hehehe

Hunting + spend-the-money day, wait for us \(^_^)/

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding : Budget or Luxurious??

This month so-called 'mengawan season' juz bcoz so many wedding will be held this school holiday..haha I got so many invi to be attend. so sorry for those hv invited me but can't attend it, due to some reason -.-'

Talk bout wedding, did we need to spend more than we can afford? as u know bridezilla to be will hv a lot in her wishlist same go to me..hahaha Actually, its ok to spend as much as u can on ur wedding coz its once in a lifetime aite?? Everything must b perfect on the wedding day. It was dream to be true dat time.

Most of the wedding that I hv been b4 is so damn joyful a.k.a luxurious!! Sum of it married when studying ade duit sndr ke time tu?? Its good to get married early kurang la dosa korg buat time tu..hahaha But it must be affordable..

Some brides sponsored 100% by their parents. Some of it being sponsored 50-50%, 60-40%, 40-60% mcm beli syer la plak..hahahaa Me??Of course sponsored myself la!! kau igt mama dgn abah nk sponser ko kawen k??hahaha jgn nk berangan k?? Mama always said, it was worth when we do it by ourself, not depends on other people. Just like my luvly sis and heartful bro, k.yin & abg. kal.. They use their own money for their wedding..I'm so proud with them..never ask for other people money.. 100% pay by themself gv million claps to them :p

Sumtimes I wonder y so mny people did not agree wit me to do my wedding by my own money..Is it wrong?? It was my own wedding and I want to have my dream wedding to be skali seumur idup la But I need to sacrifies a lot if I want it to be as I dream no shopping, no trip, nothing k??

But I am bored when all my family members keep on pushing me to get married soon i oso want!!sggh gedix ko~ I wanna get married soon oso, but my financial said NO, ok??It was a lot to be prepared.. E-day also need to spend a lot of money hope I can skip the E-day and straight to the W-day -_-'

Mr.A and me hv our own responsibilities. We will get married when the time is come,k?? That day I calculated the budget for W-day. Budget for doorgift already RM3k++.. Not included the catering should b RM10K++ dais RM1k++ solemnization and reception attire RM1k++ and so many thing! Surely got heart attack when see all the budget @_@ To those who ask me to married early, it was not so easy to be done. Sponsored please!! Aite Mr.A?? hahahaha

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost in diff way~

Its been more than a month i nvr write, aite?? 7th of June,will b a month my BFF weds..Happy Newly wed dear.. and it will b a month too i lost my really bestie, which always beside me anytime.. not mean lost her permanently lor..just she can't be wit me evrytime coz she hv other commitment besides me..

I still can remember when i'm so down dat time..she came to the curve from the hearth of kl it was badly jam dat time just to cheer me up.. puasa sum more..thank a lot buddy.really appreciate it (^_^) be a good listener, wipe out my tears crying in the middle of shame la u (^_^)'

And then gone the Ladies Day Out who will replace ur place??-.-' Cant shopping together anymore..really miss dat time~ walk along Jln. TAR, hanging out at OU,BTS, and so many more.. ishkk..

Cannot call u at the middle of nite anymore.. haishh.. wat to do..different as a single and having a partner.. hahaha..

Anyway, wish u all the best dear..May ur wedding will b last till ur last breath and hv beautiful kids to cheer up ur family i want to b their godmother k???\(^_^)/

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Again~

Can't wait to see my mum tomorrow coz i nvr go back to hometown since shah n melati wed Can jalan2 wit her and photoshoot wit my lil bro thats what i really wait..ahaks.. u r so gedikzz

Tomorrow we will go for hunting the stitch item not tiger k?? and a few item for fara wedding.. owh no..only less than a month dat my bff will married.. there gone my ladies day (-_-)' need to find my shawl n baju melayu button for my dear. our clothes is almost done mama,plz make sure that our clothes can be done on time ya?? me will use blue modern baju kurung with black siti shawl..hahaha and he will wear blue baju melayu cekak musang will upload the pic later..hehehe never wear same colour before.always diff lor.. but this time can wink2*

the next day of fara wedding, i need to go to my old school mate wedding, long nvr seen her..and all my friend will go too really miss them all.. Huha, Adie, Kid, Shira and all, plz wait for me..really miss u all..huhuhu. so we can talk a lot till nothing to say more..hehehe

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cupcake oh Cupcake~

Almost 1 month, just now i update for my mum n bro birthday u r so lazy my dear..almost a month u know??!!

1 week before going back hometown, thinking to buy a cupcake to celebrate my lil bro birthday coz he rarely come back home really bz wit spm lor.. then just realize my mom besday is coming!! so i decided to celebrate them together not bcoz i'm so stingy,but not enough time lor..

I send order form to the owner of Colouredsugars, k.Shina. 1 day later she call me and as about the order;

k.Shina : Azwin,k.Shina ni dr Colouredsugars. K.Shina dh dpt order form tu,tp akak nk buat theme ape ye??

me : Owh..k.Shina..Saye actually x tau nk buat design ape (i also blur..huhu)

k.Shina : ok la..adik awk suke bola x?mcm football club k??

me : err..die suke game n kete j kak..die x minat bola ni.. (huh??really he dun like football??not sure la)

k.Shina : game n kete?? mcm mne ye? nk design ape ni?? (siyesly i dunno la..huhu) ok la..nnt akak try figure out mcm mne..mak pulak??

me : ok..mak die x mende tu merah, die tuk adk,red tuk mak..(surely she gonna hate me coz make her dizzy..haha)

k.Shina : ok..nnt akak dh dpt idea,akak inform Azwin ye?

me : ok k.Shina..thank for helping me ya? camne nk buat payment? nnt akak bg account no akak ye? sye bank in j..hehe

k.Shina : ok..nnt akak text kat Azwin ye? Mcm mne bley figure out akak pny blog ye?

me : actually sy knl akak mse e-day fara..mse tu akak buat kek n cupcake tuk e-day die..die kate akak sdare die..tu yg order kat akak ( sorry dear,use ur name 4 a while..hehe)

k.Shina : ye k?akak x prasan la..xp..nnt kite jumpe la ye?

me : ok kak..thank again ye?daa~

when the date to pick up, i went to k.Shina house to take it.. when i see the cupcake, it really great speechless really dunno what to say anymore..huhu

*it really like i want*

*the flower nice.. n delicious..hehe*
*my lil bro really like this*

my dear like it too..and ask me to buy it for his birthday haiyaa..can ask for ur own birthday meh?? to k.Shina..thanks a lot for this cutie cupcake..will order again with you (^_^)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today Job : Key In Merchant Data for Maybank Treats Fair.

Damn tired to key in all the list..Not a few,but a lot, man! Every time this event came, all of us surely headache ding dong,ting tong, dam dim dum, pong! so many sound in the head and to be heard.. and meet again the fussy merchant oh no! This is the biggest event that my company have organised for several year with Maybank.. And we won 2 international award for this event! reall proud of it\(^_^)/ Now is only April..The event will start early on July damn stress! I wish it will be go smoothly no mess like before

Hurmm..I always bz wit other event..When I want to concerntrate on my own event meh?? Mayb after my dear recover from his pain..haha get well soon dear..can go shopping afta dat, wiiiii \(^_^)/

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Dream

I just search out the web n see a beautiful bouqet of flower i wish i will hv it during my wedding..haha

credit to BloemenHouse of Flower

But surely not exactly like this..the flower will b arrange much closer than must b perfect! perasan..ouh.. I will use roses for the or pink roses surely i will go to cameron for it..haha

most of the flower that i use will come from cameron..but need to check the milage n cost of buying at ther if i buy from florist is much cheaper,y i should go there,rite??haha

i love to do this kind of creative friend ask me before, "y u don't use ur skill to earn money from it?"
i just said to her, "if i do like that, will u buy@rent it from me?"
she just silent..ask me to do like this,like that..but not supportive at all!

my dream is to hv my own boutique even it was not big,but it still complete a boutique which hv evrything for wedding just straight say wedding boutique,can meh?? i still searching equipment for it.. luckly my lil bro want to open studio wit his fren.. so i can join them as well..hehe

i will update bout it later after i got most of the thing wanna go home 1st..


Monday, April 5, 2010

Too Longggggg~

OMG!!!When I see the date of the last post, it stated 16 Dec 2009!! r u kidding me??super duper lazy..haha 2010 is the super bz year for many thing to do during this year.. hope what we already plan will go smoothly~

Just want to ask sumtin..if sum1 will always want to know other people life in malay we say 'jaga tepi kain orang' la or always show off bout their greatness..what do u think bout this kind of people?? I really think want to smash their head if can do la.. Please la..every person hv their own need to interfere other people life..

I hv known this type of people which nvr care other people feeling..this person can be so annoying when talk with them..even to olders,they can't respect them..they nvr try to accept other people opinion or words.. what they know, they always rite. No one can be better than them..

What do u say??