Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning~

Nothing to do tonite. Need to clear my mail. B4 clearing, it was 4482 mails. Now, 2464 mails to go. To those sent email to me, I will reply as many I can.

You can do it girl -.-'

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do I care?!

Yesterday I have a long chat wit my mum while waiting my brother finish his class. For 3 days I haven't call her, a lot of thing that we missed out almost 2 hour on phone,ko rase hp ko meletop x?HAHA

She said 1 of my cousin came to our house for lunch and visit. After a few conversation, they start to talk about my E-Day. He said most of his family give a bad review for my e-day. They said that there were nothing given during my e-day, only the food. WTH?! Do u need to judge all the thing I done for my day? This is what both family agree, simple E-Day. Not waste all the money for it.

I know I done my dais by myself i have dais and u not.Bluekkk , sew my own dress till every1 adore my dress, decorate my hantaran by myself still have than nothing. But did I use ur money to do all the thing? No aite? I still do it by my own money than u which not using ur own money to get married. I know dis statement will disgrace some of the people sape makan cili die la yg rase pedas but this need to be said. Don't judge the book by it cover. Even thought we have money, do we need to waste it for sumtin dat not necessary? Having an E-day such a waste for me. But I need to do it as tradition. I just want a simple E-Day and it turns well as I want but not for pic..sob2.. U said dat I only gv food to Mr.A side, but y u still gv food to me. Y don't u gv me a bag, shoes and etc. ? Am I wrong?

And my mom did say that only my father side give us help than her side. And u know wat they answer us back? Usually the men side will help,not the women side. And I start to curse in my heart. Do my mom said like dat when u ask for her help for ur day? My mom willing to take bus coz dat time she still dun hv license to drive herself to ur place, which is damn far. Stay there for couple of day, leave us alone independently and trust that we can take care of ourself just to HELP u out?!

This is y i hate to deal wit my own family. I know u r my family. But do respect us because we do respect u no matter how. Even my granny not allowed us to attend ur wedding, we still disobey her because u still our family. After u done dat to us, our respect is decreasing every single hour.. Mayb people will say dat I'm to rough, but this is me. And I hate when people step on me when I'm too soft.

My family is everything for me. Don't u ever talk bad about them behind. I will do anything for them.

As I put my title, DO I CARE?!