Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost in diff way~

Its been more than a month i nvr write, aite?? 7th of June,will b a month my BFF weds..Happy Newly wed dear.. and it will b a month too i lost my really bestie, which always beside me anytime.. not mean lost her permanently lor..just she can't be wit me evrytime coz she hv other commitment besides me..

I still can remember when i'm so down dat time..she came to the curve from the hearth of kl it was badly jam dat time just to cheer me up.. puasa sum more..thank a lot buddy.really appreciate it (^_^) be a good listener, wipe out my tears crying in the middle of shame la u (^_^)'

And then gone the Ladies Day Out who will replace ur place??-.-' Cant shopping together anymore..really miss dat time~ walk along Jln. TAR, hanging out at OU,BTS, and so many more.. ishkk..

Cannot call u at the middle of nite anymore.. haishh.. wat to do..different as a single and having a partner.. hahaha..

Anyway, wish u all the best dear..May ur wedding will b last till ur last breath and hv beautiful kids to cheer up ur family i want to b their godmother k???\(^_^)/