Tuesday, October 18, 2011

::Is it ruined?No,it's the beginning!::

Yesterday, my BFF is so down coz of the theme dat she want for her lil Fafi birthday have been taken by sum1 else.

Today, she is not happy coz of the scrapbook dat she have purchase got problems.

Now, ignore all the mess. Just think of happiness!

From the stripe tingy thing theme, I have ask her to change to Polka dot theme! Still colourful, but in round shape. Haha. We will do it better dear ;)

Polka dot Birthday Theme!

And from this tiny scrapbook thing, we will make it bigger by ourself! You can do it! Much more prettier than the one that you purchase!

pic courtesy*errr..stolen actually :p* from K.Shima :p

Friday, October 7, 2011

::Budget 2012::

Today PM announce budgeting for 2012. But I'm still in the office and the unifi limit me from doing anything -.-'

Just some of the thing that some of my friend mention in their twitter & fb.

Budget 2012
  • No more hospitalization charge for senior citizen (60 years ++)
  • Retirement will be at 60.
  • 50 more 1Malaysia clinic will be build.
  • No more school fee for primary & secondary school.
  • Government retirement will received increment 2% of pension yearly.
  • Increment of government sector pay within RM80-RM360 (by grade)
Last but not least,
  • 'My First House' Scheme is increase to RM400,000! (double up!)
I totally luv it!Coz most of the house price is exceeding RM250k! How the youngster can afford to buy?!

P.S. If you need the full list of the budget, please buy newspaper tomorrow :p

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Man vs Women??

Yes. I'm agree with it. As people know that women like to nag, guy like to act indifferently. But because of this difference, both is match together. Can you deny it?