Friday, January 21, 2011


It's hard to decide which photographer I need to hire during my wedding. So many of them till your eyes drooling when u see all their artwork..HAHA.Just kidding~

Ok. I have shortlist some of it and need sum time to decide which one dat I choose. Not talk much, come take a look on the choosen one ;p

Mukhriz Latif & Udey Ismail Photography

They were 1 of the best photographer in Malaysia. Have u seen their artwork? Come have a fast through their artwork.

*pic credit to Udey Ismail* *see how he capture sis Nawal?She look so gorgeous* p/s:if u want to rent her wedding attire,go to her blog here ;p

*pic credit again to Udey Ismail*

*pic credit to Mukhriz Latif *

*they also taken pic for Elyana ^.^ *

All the pic dat their taken is so fabulous..Hope I can hire them for my wedding..sighh~

Next I want to review is Ministry of Moment. Have u heard of them b4? Mayb not, but if u hv seen Umie Aida wedding picture, MOM is their OP! Let see their pic below ;p

And now,they having PROMO! Go and check at their website ^.^

I'm puzzled to choose which photographer I should hire.. If u have any suggestion, please let me know *.~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Songket or Songket+Lace??

I'm so confused rite now! A lot of theme they give me. Finally, I decide to choose Traditional theme! Weehuuuuu~

Now, I have to decide the reception outfit..I decide to choose songket or songket wit lace. But my head is empty wit idea Gosh! Lets through out sum ideas dat i have found from my research aicehh!

1st Choice :

*design credit to Syomir Izwa*

I really fall in luv wit all of his design! Simple yet elegant! That the only word I can describe his design. If I could have him for my wedding wear, I will jump high to mars!haha..See the simple modern kurung pahang,made from songket bunga tabur was so simple but look modern!

2nd choice :

*design from Jovian Mandagie*
*photo by Ministry of Moment*

Beautiful is it? I totally in luv wit the outfit..It totally amazing! If I can have 1 for my wedding..I'm totally speechless when see it..haha dream on big girl!

3rd choice :
*Pic form Moose blog*

The design is quite simple and still use songket as the main material. See the mermaid skirt? I luv it ^.^

4th choice & last but not least :
*pic credit to Peveyhack Photography*

Just because i dunno wat to wear, can I wear like k.Nawal only? Easy to wear & no need to think like heck.HAHA.

Will update u back when i have more idea~