Friday, November 25, 2011

For Groom To Be!

Hye guys! Mayb some of you will wearing suit for your special day, but da cost would be da bomb! Yes! I have tried ask at Gulatis, how much they charge for 1 suit, without shirt and vest. It cost about RM1200! Not cheap aite?

But now, you do not need to think the cost. Why? Coz Groupon have the best deal for you guys! Not believing? Check it here! Yes. You will save a lot with this voucher. As what I know, Burlington Tailor is one of the well know tailor for suit. They will give you the best with the best quality!
see, how neat the suit is*melting*

another type of suit that they have

With 55 years of experience, you can trust Mr.Wong, our Master Class tailor will tailor perfect suit for you. The best Bespoke Suits in Malaysia with the premium class material.
With their tailor made suits, you are ready to go with full of confidence. *ok.I copy n paste the phrase from their info.hehehe.
Mr. Wong, The Master Class tailor with 55 years of experience.

p.s You can check the material that they used for this promo in their fb page :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Maybe people will say my taste is from neolithic. But what I know, I love sumtin simple, pure, nude and natural. Yes! If you really know me, you will know what I love, what I want. To decide which MUA to take, was a long way to decide.

Maybe some people love to have thick make up to make them different. But for me, simple is the most important. Simple is intelligent. That is what I have learned before. I hate to have thick base makeup. I hate people colour my face till make me look different. Till other people can't recognize me at all. I just want people to see me like usual, but have the wow factor.

The most important MUA, is for JB reception. Why? Coz the reception will be held at night. And my Mr.A do not trust MUA from JB! Why again? Coz every time he attend his friend weddings, he will complaint all about the makeup -.-' I never find most fussy guy than him..

After long discussion and calculating on budget, we have decide to hire this MUA. Mr.A also agreed with this decision. Thanks Mr.A coz really made my dream come true ^.^ We will discuss again about the MUA after my wedding. Let see the teaser of his job :) Maybe some of you will know who is the MUA if you really do research for MUA :)

Yes. Simple, but have the wow factor for me. I have my own taste. People will talking about my taste. But usually when I start the thing 1st, people will follow mine. Now I am wondering, I am the one with no taste, or you are the one like to follow people idea?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lucky 1!

::We were engaged::

::I am 50% yours for 11 month::

::Another 6 month to go for another 50% to completed::