Monday, March 12, 2012

::Less Than 2 month::

When I see the wedding ticker on the left side, I feel so stressed.. Most of the thing have been finalized. Just my wedding dress still not finished yet. And the wedding card too.tskkk. i feel more stressed out to think this Sum more Mr.A will flying to Jeddah for site visit and will do his Umrah together by end of this month. The time is limit for preparation :(

Last weekend both of us hang out together for the last time. Earlier in the morning, we were going to GM Plaza to buy my wedding thing. And he also buy some of the thing for his side. I bought fabric 12 pcs flower brooch for my tray bearer, 6 hair clips for my lil niece, 3 pcs brooch for my mum and 19 pcs of brooch for my relatives and some beads for my mum dress. And all of this cost me about RM150! So cheap than other place! The brooch itself will cost me RM300 if outside. Then, both of us attending my friend wedding, Dd at Gombak. Finally he made it to come. And he see the true colour of me when meeting my old friend what a shame for him.hehehe

After wedding, we go to OU and ordering door gift for his side. So, JB doorgift checked! Weehuuuuu. Then hang out at our fav spot, Whisk Outpost. The affogato, caffe latte and Mango the polka ice cream is totally awsome! Thats y we love them soooo much.heheh. I managed to pujuk him buy the big luggage! it was 70% discount ok?? Then I remember the photoshoot. It was the next day! When we round around to find new outfit, I totally in luv wit 1 of the white pair outfit. Then he refused to wear white. I just say ok and forget about it. Never mind, will buy the outfit for my brother. We used to wear same colour. Hehehe.

The next day I was totally late for the photoshoot. Y? Cause I can't find any outfit to wear at all! Crap! I totally search all over the wardrobe and find nothing :( The dress that match with him is already rosak and can't wear anymore. Finally I choose a top that I buy during my vacation at Shenzhen last 2 years. But the tops also is not in a good condition also.tskkkk :( But I need to keep smiling during the photoshoot. Say Cheese! And we made shoot in raining time. So nice! hahah. Such a good time even there is a torn before. Hope this will end soon :/